Create a Mini-app
Getting Started

Getting started making a Miniapp

A Miniapp is just a JSON file. Part of this JSON is the manifest, defining things like the version and name, and other parts are the elements rendered by the Miniapp, like a text or an image.

Our convention is to write Mini-apps in TypeScript, for better autocompletion and legibility, with the mini-apps being built to JSON. You can take a look inside the /miniapps folder of this repo (opens in a new tab) to see how Mini-apps work

Steps to make a new Miniapp

  1. Fork this repo (opens in a new tab)
  2. Create a new miniapp by duplicating an existing one in /miniapps or creating a new folder
  3. Name your miniapp consistently between the folder name and the slug in the manifest.ts file
  4. Create the elements of your miniapp
  5. Add your miniapp to /packages/miniapp-registry/src/index.ts
  6. Add any api backend your miniapp needs to /examples/api/src/app
  7. Submit a Pull request