Getting Started


Mod is a standard for creating Mini-apps. Mod currently only supports the Farcaster protocol, and Mini-apps can be one of two kinds: Mini-apps for creating content, or Mini-apps for displaying embeds. Mod Mini-apps are currently defined via a JSON configuration file, and are reviewed and approved into the registry on a case by case basis to ensure security, performance and quality.


We're deeply passionate about social because, despite being the most broken part of the internet, it's one of the greatest technologies of our time. If we want a prosperous and free internet, we need to reduce the barriers for people to create new social experiences, and the best shot at succeeding we have today is through decentralized social protocols. Mini-apps are an accessible medium for people to easily build new social experiences.

Design goals

The User Experience is the most important design goal for us while designing Mod. We think that the key drivers of UX for Mod are: Consistency, Simplicity, Security, Speed and Depth of Integration.


Mod's goal is to become a sustainable internet public good, as a protocol.

Mod plans to support other decentralized protocols natively, move the storage of Mini-apps to decentralized technologies and support richer APIs, such that Mini-apps can hook into the full lifecycle of an app.

Mod may make it possible for future Miniapp creators to token gate access to Mini-apps, as well as the ability for creators to earn a share of transactions facilitated by their Mini-apps.

Get started

  1. Add Mod to your Farcaster app
  2. Create a Mini-app
  3. Partner with Mod
  4. See a live example (opens in a new tab)