Can I integrate the Mods using my own editor?

Yes the mods are separate from the editor. But you will need to provide methods for handling changes to the input or embeds

Can I use this with my own UI library?

Yes. These libraries are designed to decouple our UI implementation to allow for easy implementation by anyone for other libraries.

Is there a way to use this without using React?

Not at the moment, but multiple library support will come eventually. Requests on what you'd like to be supported is helpful, please contact david at modprotocol.org. There may be bounties available to implement a library.

React-native support?

Coming soon. There's an open draft Pull Request for this. Help wanted!

Why does Mod protocol use configuration files and not React components?

Mods that are displayed within feeds need to be secure, performant and consistent in design. This is harder to achieve with React Components, and also restricts Mod protocol to only projects that use React.

Who decides which Mods are shown to the user?

In the first phase, all first party Mods will be available to end users, with integrating apps having the control over which Mods to use in their apps. As the number of Mods grows, we will have Mods designed to be installed in channels by their community leads. We will also have a way for users to opt into Mods they want, by minting the Mod.

What kinds of Mods do you think will be made and most popular?

  • shopping & media
  • games
  • community/DAO tools
  • onchain transacting
  • compliance & safety
  • platform integrations
  • daily services
  • curation & ad services
  • publisher tools